About Us

NusaRadioNusaRadio is an internet radio directory, a site that contain some radio stations from all around the world. NusaRadio was founded in August 2011 by Amri MF, a musician and webmaster from Indonesia.
NusaRadio allow you to listen to your favorite radio stations through our site, or promote your own if you have one.

Easy to listen
NusaRadio allow you to listen your favorite stations directly through web browser or with Media Player like Nullsoft WinAmp or Windows Media Player even on a mobile device like BlackBerry Smartphone.

Easy to navigate
All radio stations are classified based on country and music genre, and the search feature makes you easily find your favorite stations. Just type station name, genre, country or city on search form to find your stations, we use search technology powered by Google Custom Search.

Playable on Facebook
We use The Open Graph technology that developed by Facebook, this feature makes the radio stations playable on Facebook, a radio player will appear if you share our links on your Facebook timeline or Facebook Fans-page.

Playable on Facebook

Free Submission
If you have an online radio station, you can also add your own station into our website, and hopefully your radio stations more popular and more fans as well.

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- we do not provide hosting services for streaming radio, all radio stations hosted on each server.
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